Hi, I'm Dan

I'm an engineer turned product leader turned founder, and back again a few times. I'm constantly making things and tinkering with ideas. I'm an optimist.

Dan Hill


I'm head of consumer product at Stripe. Still very new, but working on super interesting ways to help consumers (and the merchants they shop with) transact online.

I was previously at Blank Street in New York as CPO, leading product, engineering, design and marketing.

The prior couple of years I was Head of Growth at Brex. I'm very excited about helping unlock more innovation in America, giving more people financial opportunities to be entrepreneurs, and generally improving our financial infrastructure.

Previously, I was co-founder and CEO of ALMA. We made it easy for anyone to be a philanthropist, like a Robinhood for giving. Acquired by Brex in 2020.

Before ALMA I was Director of Product at Airbnb, leading the guest/traveler product teams, growth and performance marketing. I spent nearly 7 years at Airbnb, going from an SRE to leading a team of 300+. I began my career in tech by founding Crashpadder in London in 2007, which got acquired by Airbnb in late 2011.

Once upon a time I was a violinist and conductor. I love building things.

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I'm always happy to help startups, founders and others in tech if my experiences or knowledge can be useful. Don't hesitate to reach out. You can also book a 1:1 if there's specific topics I can give tangible advice on (like "how do we build our first roadmap?", or "the team is growing and I feel I can't handle all the work at once - how do I scale this?").

I've had the pleasure of helping founders of some great companies like Meadow, Immi, Valley and more.


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